Debtor & Creditor Law

York PA County CourthouseCredit allows people to promise to pay in the future in order to buy or borrow in the present. Credit is vital to our commerce system and is used every day by businesses and consumers. An understanding of the law governing credit is vital to protect your own interests, whether you are the creditor, a business owner, an entrepreneur, or a lending agency. An attorney with experience in debtor and creditor law can help you with all of your questions.

Gettle and Veltri can help with credit systems, disputes and creditor actions.

Debtor and Creditor Law Services

  • Bankruptcy
  • Real Estate
    • Note
    • Guaranty
    • Mortgage
    • Lis Pendens
    • Mortgage Foreclosure
  • Civil Lawsuits – District Magistrate and Common Pleas courts
    • Landlord/Tenant actions
    • Breach of Contract actions
  • Judgments
    • Creation of Liens
    • Execution and Levy
    • Garnishment
    • Sheriff Sale
    • Discovery in Aid of Execution
  • Confession of Judgment
  • Replevin Actions
  • Release from Liability
  • UCC financing statements

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